Our rewards and reward programs are designed with our energy partners in mind, providing a high quality, compliant, all-in-one reward that can be used in ten different applications, from acquisition to retention, with the ability to give your customers $25, $50, or $100 in bankable rewards every month, spread goodwill, boost bundling and upsells, increase engagement, promote philanthropy, and lift bottom line results. Our rewards are proven, measurable, and easy to implement.

How Are Rewards Structured?

Our rewards can be configured to deliver reward value in a number of ways. With one-time, set term, and monthly options delivered through one platform, you can customize to your preferences.
Single reward delivery to promote
one-time customer action.
3-month, 6-month, or 12-month
set-term reward value.
Ongoing rewards delivered monthly
for maximum impact.

How can my customers use their rewards?

With over 500,000 ways for customers to use their rewards, there's something for everyone.

What are the best features of this reward?

Our rewards are always evolving with new and improved functionality and features. Here's just a few things that set this reward apart from the rest:

Nationwide Coverage

Reward coverage in 100% of metropolitan and
micropolitan areas.

Reward Value Accrual

Customers' reward value is banked and accrued each month. Never lost.

Best Price Guarantee

Prices are guaranteed to be the lowest price available, even when compared with websites like

Show & Save Technology

A fully mobile optimized interface allows for easy savings on-the-go.

Where can customers use their rewards?

Our rewards represent a truly national solution.

key Facts

coverage highlights

The Reward is in 100% of top retail markets
Rewards are available in all 336 U.S. metropolitan areas
Rewards are available in all 576 U.S. micropolitan areas
Rewards are available in 97.3% of u.s. counties
Rewards are accessible around the clock 24/7/365

these rewards are used by companies like:

what does it look like?

The program is tailored to match the look and feel of your marketing and brand image. From the website design to the mobile interface your customers will be constantly reminded of your brand.

How Can I engage with my customers?

The program is tailored to match the look and feel of your marketing and brand image. From the website design to the mobile interface your customers will be constantly reminded of your brand.

what kind of results can we expect?

Our rewards and reward programs have ten possible applications for energy partners. Test one, or all ten. Here's a quick cross-section of compiled performance metrics ranges, based on our work with energy partners.

case study examples

Energy Partner

Acquisition Boost.
A national energy provider integrated the reward into the customer acquisition scripting for their inbound and outbound call center-based sales efforts.

Result: 22% Lift in Acquisition.

Energy Partner

Retention Boost.
A CT, MA, NJ and MD energy provider used the program to improve their retention performance when customer cancels increased due to competition.

Result: 11% Decrease in Cancels.

Energy Partner

Renewal Boost.
A Texas-based energy provider launched a new campaign to improve customer renewal performance for one of their retail energy brands.

Result: 14% Increase in Renewals.

What does the setup process look like?

Having worked with dozens of energy companies, we understand some of the traditional pain points for energy partners. Resources are stretched, bandwidth is tight, and IT is overloaded. Our rewards are designed to blend seamlessly with your sales, logistics, reporting, and operations processes. The set-up process is streamlined and results-oriented, and we do all the heavy lifting. Our four week set-up process makes it easy to test.

free Value-add services

We take care of it all. Check out what's included:

Reward Integration

Easy set-up and integration, customized to your existing tech/ops infrastructure.

Reward Scripting

We provide comprehensive scripting and resources for sales/customer service teams.

Reward Training

We handle training too. Set teams up for success with our comprehensive training.

Reward Delivery/Engagement

We handle all reward communications. Offering both digital and physical options.

free Logistics

We've got the details covered too. It's all included.

Reward Compliance

Our top priority and yours. These rewards are uber compliant from A to Z.

Reward Testing

We're glad to work with you to implement a low-risk test to prove out performance.

Reward Flexibility

These rewards are flexible assets for a variety of goals and objectives.

Reward Customer Service

24/7/365 online support so no question or request goes unnoticed.

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